Toughened Glass Supplier Bath

If you live in the Bath area and require any type of toughened, bespoke or laminated glass then mayby you should call us.

We have an excellen price structure for both standard toughened and processed glass with the ability to provide anything from 250mm toughened glass to ‘Jumbo sizes’ which is the equivillent of 6 meters by 3 meters.

We are able to provide items such as:

  • Shower glass
  • Walk On glass
  • Bespoke and cut to size
  • kitchen splashbacks
  • Coloured
  • Glass panels
  • Table tops
  • Board room tables
  • Glass partitions and partitioning
  • Mirror glass
  • Film i.e. for 1 way mirrors or energy reducing
  • Componants and accessories

We carry a range of U-channel and other componants additionally to support our glass products.

Our main componants are shower hinges, support bars, handles and locks.

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Shower Glass