Toughened glass in London

Toughened Glass London – We deliver to you

Where to buy toughened glass in London?

Save you self the Hassle and cost of a traditional glass merchant and buy toughened glass online.

Its a really easy to deal and purchase with the guys at Bespoke glass online. Lets compare.

A) Typical local glass merchant procedure

  • Call the glass merchant to see if they can price / quote for a piece of toughened glass
  • Drive or walk down to the glass merchant with your drawing
  • walk away without a price
  • Take a phone call and agree a price 3 days later
  • wait 3-4 weeks for glass
  • get a call to say glass is ready
  • drive down to get your toughened glass from the merchant
  • attempt to fit the glass in the back of your car
  • Now stuck in London traffic
  • Get home and have to lift the glass into your home.

B) Dealing with Bespoke

  • Go on to our website and purchase your glass via our online calc.
  • Recieve an email in 4-5 days confirming delivery of your glass
  • Recieve a phone call on the day of delivery by one of our drivers.
  • Toughened glass Delivered to your door or in most cases to where the glass is required!

Going Bespoke

If you have a shaped or cut to size requirement, then from the comfort of your own home or business, call us and  talk through  your glass requirements. We are real people who understand what is required without intimidation or frustration. We can explain regulations, thickness requirements or help in any way we are able to.

We deliver toughened glass to most if not all areas of london, with a daily delivery service to the center including the EC1 and 2 postcodes, our polite and presentable drivers will have your glass to your home/ proerty or business in no time.


Toughened glass london

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