Glass table tops

Glass Table Tops

Toughened glass table tops

Wether you need a new or replacement glass table top for your home, garden or workplace then there is no better place to be buying your glass but from Bespoke glass online.

If it’s a square table top you require then just pop over to the main website and choose your dimensions and have your table top ordered. If you need a shaped or circle table top then give us a quick call and we will help with your requirements

What thickness glass do I need for a table?

if you need a glass top to act as a protection, if the original table has a good flat surface then generally people will choose 4mm toughened glass

if your table top is riven or uneven then 6mm toughened glass is suffice

garden furniture I.e. Rattan table tops, ornate or wooden then generally 6mm toughened glass is used

for stand alone furniture or larger areas. We recommend thickness of glass from 8mm to 15mm including the most popular size of 10mm toughened glass


Replacement glass

Accidents do happen and as glass is one of those more delicate products we welcome calls to help with replacement glass for your table top. We understand that getting measurements correct or matching the old glass colour can be a bit tricky, but please give us a call and we can walk you through how to find all the right elements to replace what was original.

Custom table tops

Bespoke Glass Online have produced some very unique glass for table tops including shaped and coloured glass.  We have made glass tops for such items as:

  • Old and decommissioned jet engines
  • custom furniture for office receptions
  • Recycled furniture
  • Custome and unique furniture

For more help and information. Please call

01225 345005