toughened glass H and M promotion

Glass for Promotional Displays

Do you need Glass for Promotional Display Systems?

Bespoke Glass online are able to help with a varied selection of Glass for display systems. If you need just plain safety glass or Glass with a pattern or shaped then we are your Supplier!

Having our glass featured on a varied amount of sets and locations we are confident we can produce the right glass on time.

Some of our Glass has been supplied to sets including:

  • BBC casualty
  • ITV’s X Factor
  • H & M
  • RBS and LLoyds Bank
  • Various independants display Booths
  • NEC Exhibition stands and displays
  • Earls court and ExCel exhibition centers
  • Various art Galleries and smaller local exhibitional sites in the UK

What does it take to produce glass within a display?

We have to understand the project pretty well to supply the right glass for various reasons the main being Health and safety, this goes with out saying as the glass is generally within reach of the general public. If its use within a lighting scheme then we look at the light reflection / refraction / diffusion which can make a set or a flop.

We can supply test samples for projects to see if creativity can match reality, this can confirm many ideas and let the creative flair of set designers, build architects and exhibitors ideas to be accomplished.

large digital clock for display

H and M wang x display Not something you can miss when walking around the town!

Toughened Glass was supplied by us to protect the digital clock and the digitis as you can see here on the left.

to the right hand side of the clock we supplied  3 large sheets of toughened 12mm glass for the internal protection and the large display system that was being shown to members of the public. Credit goes to the designers on this as it certainly made a statement!


For more information on any of our glass services, please give us a call on 01225 345005 and lets see if we can help with your next design.