Frameless Shop front glass doors

frameless glass shop front doors

Making a first Impression with Frameless Glass Shop Front Doors is pretty simple.

As with the local restaurant pictured, we are able to create a  first impression reasonably easily.

Giving your retail or restaurant premisis a secure yet completely see through glass door/ wall so to speak has much more benefits than that of a traditional door system.

  • Free Lighting
  • Free advertising
  • Completely secure
  • Cost effective
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Easy to rebrand
  • Great Looking
  • Quick installation times

We live and operate in a very tightly held local historical city ( Bath ) and yet glass is one of the less subjective issues that we deal with when it comes to conservation and planning.

You will find many buildings are now starting to use glass to clad the buildings that were once stone or brick. I credit local/ national vehicle garages who have somewhat been a leader in glass entrances/ buildings.. Don’t believe me? Just drive down to your local BMW dealer showroom or similar.

For the very reasons we have listed, you can see the attraction of glass.

There are may types of hinge systems that can be used, with either self closing or swing free,  huge selection of other hardware including door handles ( the fish handles in the picture are custom made and designed by us) custom door handles

Door Handles

There is also a whole host of handles that can be used off the shelf so to speak, so need not worry about inflated costs by going bespoke, albeit  a game changer!


Need more persuation? Give us a call on 01225 345005 and we can talk about your next glass project.