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Cheap Toughened glass off-cuts and left overs

Cheap toughened glass to buy!

We sometimes get overstock, miss-ordered glass and non collections that over time we re-sell to the public. Below is a list of current overstock that we will sell at cost or less.

All the toughened glass is ready for collection at the Bath branch and can be bought and collected between Monday to Saturday.

Toughened Glass Stock list September 2014

10mm Toughened clear

11 units 150mm x 805mm   £5.00 each
1 unit 347mm x 650mm £5.00
1 unit 355mm x 642mm £5.00
1 unit 880mm x 565mm £15.00
1 unit 650mm x 895mm £15.00
1 unit 1150mm x 835mm £20.00
1 unit 1397mm x 822mm £30.00
1 unit 242mm x 1620mm £25.00
1 unit 242mm x 2000mm £30.00
1 Unit 1020mm x 920mm £25.00

8mm Toughened clear

1 unit 100mm x 655mm £5.00
1 unit 1410mm x 554mm £25.00
1 unit 704mm x 404mm £10.00
1 unit 1100mm x 770mm £20.00
1 unit 281mm x 1645mm £25.00
1 unit 276mm x 1324mm £20.00

6mm Toughened clear

1 unit 786mm x 1579mm £30.00
1 unit 495mm x 375mm £10.00
1 unit 1230mm x 1230mm £25.00

4mm Toughened clear

4 units 250mm x 155mm £2.50 each
2 units 225mm x 150mm £2.50 each
1 unit 485mm x 330mm £5.00
1 unit 640mm x 640mm £15.00
1 unit 1004mm x 1004mm £15.00

6.4mm Laminated glass

1 unit 1290mm x 1318mm £20.00
8 units 795mm x 1170mm £20.00 each
6 units 765mm x 1130mm £20.00 each
1 unit 1130mm x 1175mm £20.00

Shower panel glass 10mm Toughened

1 unit Sandblasted 1200mm x 2400mm


We have various other sized glass and shaped glass that is also for sale, It might be worth a trip up to Bath and see what we have in stock.

Remember you cant cut toughened glass, you can however cut the laminated glass we have for sale.

Call us on 01225 345005 for more information