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Toughened Glass for lean to roofs

Do you need help with Toughened glass for lean to roofs?

With experience in single and double glazed toughened and oversize glass units, Bespoke glass online can help with most roof shapes.

We can help with roof design, Implementation and finishing to complete an covered area.

With both lean to and conservatory replacement glass, we can help with all aspects of glass In either toughened, Laminated toughened or just plain float glass.

We are Ultra competitive when it comes to price and our labour fees are just the same!

We can supply the following

Single glazed roof units

  • Toughened
  • Toughened Laminated
  • Coloured
  • Active (self Cleaning Glass)
  • Solar control Glass
  • Active solar control glass
  • Patterned glass
  • Oversize glass units and shaped

Double glazed roof units

  • Double glazed units from 12mm to 28mm
  • Coloured Glass Double glazed
  • Solar Control Double Glazed
  • Active Double glazed
  • Oversize and Shaped Double glazed units


So give Bespoke glass online a call on 01225345005 for a free quotation or just simply for some advice.

Glass reception Desks

Glass Reception Desk.

If your looking for a glass reception desk that’s unique or one of a kind then bespoke glass online is a solution provider just for you.

Your front of office creates an lasting impression and we know this is an image that will stick in the minds of a new customer or client.

We have provided various designs of reception desks in foyer and entrance halls for business and hotels.

We work with various cabinet makers, engineers and skilled individuals to produce ultimate products that just cant be found in the mass markets for glass reception areas.

Some of the desks we produce have been made with:

  • Toughened glass only
  • Stainless steel
  • Acrylic/ glass combination
  • Wood/ toughened glass

Or range does not stop with clear glass as we can also provide:

  • Coloured glass
  • sign written glass
  • Acid etched glass
  • Sandblasted glass
  • Non toughened glass – why would you use it!

we collaborate with many architects/ designers and others to achieve amazing products and we hope we can also serve you!

If you have an idea and want to take it to production then please give the office a call on 01225 345005

Bespoke and Custom toughened glass shower doors

Attic conversion or perhaps a Basement with a shower or wetroom..

Let me guess… You need a Bespoke toughened glass shower door, well it’s in the namesake… we offer a wide range of soloutions for converting small and unconventional areas into bespoke wetrooms, bathrooms and shower rooms with the ability to make custom and shaped glass doors and panels.

We have been serving customers with a diverse range of toughened glass including simple oversize shower panels through to custom cut or bespoke shower glass.

We find ourselves talking to customers on a daily basis creating ideas or solutions to  problems with glass in attics and or basements, small rooms or rooms where standard shower glass just wont do.

We can create whole walls of glass to protect an ensuite bedroom from the wet area and also provide privacy glass or fully sandblasted/ modesty panels.

Wetrooms and Shower Panels

bespoke glass for shower

toughened glass shower door design

We offer a full templating service to our clients and customers and have a great portfolio of shower glass and custom shower panels available for you to see.


If you require installation, we have a select few of skilled individuals that can help with installing the glass correctly and professionally.

shower glass in basement

For more information on any shower glass or custom requirements, please call the office on 01225345005 or drop us an email.


Glass partition walls for offices, public and private areas

Are you looking for a glass partition wall to create space with a light and airy feeling?

Adding a glass partition to an office , warehouse, or home is a sensible way to divide up space without costly expense on additional lighting, stud walls, platering etc.

Bespoke offer a professional service providing glass and framework to suit most enviorments.

We can provide all the required componants including channel, fixings, door patch fittings, locks and toughened glass.

Glass Balustrades for the Garden or Home

With many requests from our clients we provide both toughened glass for balustrading and associated fixings. We can supply only or if preferred Bespoke glass online can arrange for installation of glass balustrades from measuring up through to completion of installation.

So what do you go for when considering a glass balustrade. The obvious one is it inside or out side. This will determine the overall height of the glass as set by building regulations in the UK. It is advides that balustrades internally are set with a minimum height from foot to top of glass to be 900mm, outside its 1100mm if building regulations apply.

Glass choice is next, this for instance is chosen by requirement. If you need a privacy balcony then most probably a frosted/ sandblasted type of glass is required, if its to profide an unobstructed view then its clear. Maybe its to add some colour to the area and that would mean either a coloured glass or a laminated interlayer with colour. We have not yet been requested a glass balustrade that has been painted or sprayed to a certain colour, but we won’t yet rule that option out either!

Glass thickness. the thickness is usually determinded by the application, the distance between fixings and position of the glass.



Toughened glass Talk from 4mm to 19mm

Welcome to Bespoke glass online blog. Its kind of a notice board for us to advise our customers old and new to whats going on in the bespoke glass office/ installations.

We aim to use the board for our products, exciting new offers that we will be bringing to you over the following months and just to show off what we do as a business and as people employed by the business.

I am lee, and I guess I will be doing most of the blogging here but you will probably find Molly and Joe providing toughened glass news or information and Pete for anything technical.