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Bespoke shower for an Attic Conversion

With homeowners adding value to their homes, its usually a case of adding rooms either by a basement conversion or an attic conversion.  This is great way of extending the home.

At bespoke we have found that there is a slight problem with the attic conversion especially when it comes to adding a shower or wet room and that being what space is left for this purpose.

Attics usually have a pitched roofs incorporated within and can cause an issue when looking to add the aforementioned shower or wetroom due to the angle or slope of the ceiling.

We at bespoke have helped out a few hundred clients with this issue and have come up with some of the best wetrooms or shower rooms either enclosed fully or partially.

Its a little more tricky than the standard shower as there has to be a cutout or similar to the glass.

Our easy to follow template you can print out and fill in the gaps can help us achieve an accurate measurement of the space that you require glass for your attic shower project.

template guide for shower glass for attic


From this template we can provide you with a working set of drawings with door gaps and all the required fittings, mounts and seals to allow for a fully functional shower screen.

For other information of Shower glass for attics and lofts 

Some key things to allow when measuring:

  • Allow time to measure
  • Measure each point twice ( or get a friend to check after)
  • Measure accurately
  • measure the aperature only when fully finished ( tiled or otherwise)

When the glass/ products are delivered and installed we assure you they all look great.

a large wet room area in an attic with pitched roof

For more information including requirements, advice or costs. Please call us on 01225345005 or email



Office Glass Partition In Bristol

A fantastic office partition installed in conjuncton with Rathbournes and Bristol Glass Partitions

Located at St. Bartholomews offices in Central Bristol, Bespoke Glass online have supplied and delivered another all inspiring showcase for you to see.

The Client has chosen a ‘fun and creative’ open office design, with light and clolour throughout the whole floor of this 5000SQ Ft office layout.
The office even includes a putting green for a bit of stress relief.

The office configuration has been designed and project managed by Rathbournes of Bath


Please have a look through the PICS below, office glass partition  Configurations are at the bottom of the page.

Glass office partition

12mm Single wall glass Partition    Modern office with Glass partition  Modern office in Bristol


The Manifestation is more than just a few dot’s on this occasion showing the depth of thought that has gone into this project. Some of the Partitions are fully covered and some are partially.

We are no David Bailey when it comes to photos and in reality, the photos dont give the manifestation proper credit. You have to see it in real life, it is a work of art!

Full manifestation on glass wall

Modern office in London

Modern glass partition with floating handles


If your wondering who actually Installed The glass its the Boys from Bristol Glass Partitions.

Joe on the left and Matt on the right

Bristol Glass Partition installers

Spec of Glass:

St Bartholomews Offices  – Bristol



Toughened Frameless Glass for stairs

Toughened Frameless Glass for Staircase in London.

With a full house refurbishment in progress we were asked to complete the project with both internal and external frameless glass for various areas of the property.

The client was keen to have as little ‘framework as possible’ to allow for light to travel throughout the property.

The staircase the glass was fitted to was over 4 floors and would travel the distance from basment to the upper floor areas.

The client had chosen to fix the glass to the string of the staircase with stainless steel standoff fixings that Bespoke glass provided.

bespoke frameless staircase Bespoke Staircase in glass frameless glass for stairsPrevious to the glass being fitted the stairs had to be templated and readied for the glass processing table. All of the glass was ‘CNC’ed for accuracy and all individual items were polished with various strategic drilled holes as per the templates supplied.

Bespoke helped with the design and implementation of the whole project with a client that had not used glass before and although there were a few little hick-ups the client was able to creat something very unique and substantial withing the said property.

Lead time was appox 6 weeks from 1st telephone call to installation completed.


If you’re looking for a bespoke glass project them please don’t hesitate to call us for an informal chat and to see if we can help with your next glass project.

Bespoke Glass online operate within the London and South of England areas, however, we have completed larger projects across most of England and Wales.

Please call 01225345005 for much more information about Frameless glass for stairs or any other toughened project




Glass Partitions for Offices in Bristol, Bath and London

Glass Partitions for Offices

Without question, this is a beautiful and practical use of glass in the office enviroment. We have been supplying and installing glass walling or partitioning for some time and the results are not only pleasing to the customer, it’s also very gratifying to us.

glass partition for office

Our process is a 4 step process to to minimise time and effort with maximum results

  • Consult

  • Design

  • Create

  • Install

Its simple to create a luxurious glass partitions within your office or commercial space. That’s not to say that we dont install glass walls in the home as we have infact installed quite a few!

We have a varied choice of glass, channel selection, single glazed or double glazed internal units. Glass units with blinds inside, switchable glass (LCD glass).

Choice of Handles from conventional ‘T’ bar handles, back to back, handles or traditional door handles all available. We can also offer a custom service for creating stainless steel handles.

Glass partition Door handles with locks

Our teams that install partition glass are usually a 2 man team, there would be more if a conseiderable amount of glass was to be installed.

Doors can be ‘free swing or self closing’ and can offer everything required to pass Part N of building regulations.

Our design guys will liase with your project manager or architect/ designer to create via CAD a drawing that is also the installation plan. Everything that we do is based around this.

We offer full customer support and there won’t be any chasing required to speak with the design team.

Here are a few shots of installation pre Manifestation.


IMAG0519   IMAG0521

IMAG0526The 12 meter by 2.7 meter glass wall and 4x Full height glass doors at 900mm took a total of 4 days to complete, moreso held back slightly by the logistics of getting glass to the required office area.
Still with a smile and working late into the evening the installers were able to turn an open area into a meeting room and a board room, which are now additional to the original open office plan.

Light and space are kept within the original design due to the glass but privacy and individual space previously unused are now encompassed.

For more information on Glass  Partitions for offices or commercial space  in your area, please ring our office on:

01225 345005 or drop us an email!





frameless glass shop front doors

Making a first Impression with Frameless Glass Shop Front Doors is pretty simple.

As with the local restaurant pictured, we are able to create a  first impression reasonably easily.

Giving your retail or restaurant premisis a secure yet completely see through glass door/ wall so to speak has much more benefits than that of a traditional door system.

  • Free Lighting
  • Free advertising
  • Completely secure
  • Cost effective
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Easy to rebrand
  • Great Looking
  • Quick installation times

We live and operate in a very tightly held local historical city ( Bath ) and yet glass is one of the less subjective issues that we deal with when it comes to conservation and planning.

You will find many buildings are now starting to use glass to clad the buildings that were once stone or brick. I credit local/ national vehicle garages who have somewhat been a leader in glass entrances/ buildings.. Don’t believe me? Just drive down to your local BMW dealer showroom or similar.

For the very reasons we have listed, you can see the attraction of glass.

There are may types of hinge systems that can be used, with either self closing or swing free,  huge selection of other hardware including door handles ( the fish handles in the picture are custom made and designed by us) custom door handles

Door Handles

There is also a whole host of handles that can be used off the shelf so to speak, so need not worry about inflated costs by going bespoke, albeit  a game changer!


Need more persuation? Give us a call on 01225 345005 and we can talk about your next glass project.


Glass for Promotional Displays

Do you need Glass for Promotional Display Systems?

Bespoke Glass online are able to help with a varied selection of Glass for display systems. If you need just plain safety glass or Glass with a pattern or shaped then we are your Supplier!

Having our glass featured on a varied amount of sets and locations we are confident we can produce the right glass on time.

Some of our Glass has been supplied to sets including:

  • BBC casualty
  • ITV’s X Factor
  • H & M
  • RBS and LLoyds Bank
  • Various independants display Booths
  • NEC Exhibition stands and displays
  • Earls court and ExCel exhibition centers
  • Various art Galleries and smaller local exhibitional sites in the UK

What does it take to produce glass within a display?

We have to understand the project pretty well to supply the right glass for various reasons the main being Health and safety, this goes with out saying as the glass is generally within reach of the general public. If its use within a lighting scheme then we look at the light reflection / refraction / diffusion which can make a set or a flop.

We can supply test samples for projects to see if creativity can match reality, this can confirm many ideas and let the creative flair of set designers, build architects and exhibitors ideas to be accomplished.

large digital clock for display

H and M wang x display Not something you can miss when walking around the town!

Toughened Glass was supplied by us to protect the digital clock and the digitis as you can see here on the left.

to the right hand side of the clock we supplied  3 large sheets of toughened 12mm glass for the internal protection and the large display system that was being shown to members of the public. Credit goes to the designers on this as it certainly made a statement!


For more information on any of our glass services, please give us a call on 01225 345005 and lets see if we can help with your next design.


Bespoke Shower Door

Bespoke Shower Door in Bath

One of the most gratifying parts of our job when supplying or fitting bespoke glass is the end result. The  client or customer usually has an idea of what type of shower door they would like, or what shape of cut glass they need when they order glass from Bespoke. But having the vision from conception to installation can make a dramatic change to the room.

Client installation case study.

We have a client who is a local developer and has just finished a complete house refurbishment in the City of Bath. One of the bedrooms is an en suite and the client wanted to add a little privacy but without being over subtle.
We suggested that perhaps he may opt for a smoked grey glass instead of the normal sandblasted clear or patterned glass screen and door.
So he gave it a go.

It was a simple glass door for the toilet and and a 1/4 screen for the shower area so to stop any water getting splashed onto the adjacent wall.

grey tinted shower glass    custon shower glass for en suite   bespoke glass for shower

The end result was very endulgent, with a slight tinted glass for the shower, the glass gave more of a feature and as the client wanted, just a little privacy where needed, even if it was just to tone down the lighting from bright to a mood setting low light.

bespoke glass panel for shower

You can really see the contrast if you look at the bottom of the glass door and to the left of the shower opening.

Credit to the developer, the shower room was a credit to the house and I am sure it will be enjoyed for many years to come by its new owner.

What we used for the en-suite project

Chrome shower door hingeAluminium U channel for shower glass

With templating and an installation Visit, the project to 1 day to Complete