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Toughened Frameless Glass for stairs

Toughened Frameless Glass for Staircase in London.

With a full house refurbishment in progress we were asked to complete the project with both internal and external frameless glass for various areas of the property.

The client was keen to have as little ‘framework as possible’ to allow for light to travel throughout the property.

The staircase the glass was fitted to was over 4 floors and would travel the distance from basment to the upper floor areas.

The client had chosen to fix the glass to the string of the staircase with stainless steel standoff fixings that Bespoke glass provided.

bespoke frameless staircase Bespoke Staircase in glass frameless glass for stairsPrevious to the glass being fitted the stairs had to be templated and readied for the glass processing table. All of the glass was ‘CNC’ed for accuracy and all individual items were polished with various strategic drilled holes as per the templates supplied.

Bespoke helped with the design and implementation of the whole project with a client that had not used glass before and although there were a few little hick-ups the client was able to creat something very unique and substantial withing the said property.

Lead time was appox 6 weeks from 1st telephone call to installation completed.


If you’re looking for a bespoke glass project them please don’t hesitate to call us for an informal chat and to see if we can help with your next glass project.

Bespoke Glass online operate within the London and South of England areas, however, we have completed larger projects across most of England and Wales.

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Stair Glass and Glass Staircases

Our inspiration page for Stair Glass and Glass Blaustratdes for staircases

As a merchant, we supply toughened glass to installers of glass stairs and staircases but we often don’t get to see the final project. Occasionally we also install when time allows.

So I felt some inspiration was needed, please enjoy the pics below and I assure you, there has been tons of effort applied to all the photos, so credit to all the installers/ designers and develpoers.

It would not be right to not show one or two of our own so lets GO!

We start with a cantilevered staircase in Bristol with 50mm standoffs and finished with a templated glass balustrade

Glass balustrades on cantilevered treads


Jumping over to a period property totaly updated by marsh and clark

STaircase and Balustrade in glass


As the original poster of this below mentions,”The Devils in the Detail” quite clearly bringing stone, glass and wood together harmoniously. Architectural Ice cream!

Glass staircase mounting


Stairway to Heaven?

I wonder if Led Zepplin would agree?
I bang my head against the wall when I see the below pic as something so simple can be such an magical statement

Credit: Highfield House Staircase, Prestbury, Demax Stairs

Stairway to Heaven glass balustrades


Try glass with a different Colour?

Going smokey in Holland with this lovely example of  a slight shade of grey ( not 50) and its jaw droppingly amazing
credit: Freshome

Staircase glass in grey



And finally a full height Balustrade with handrail combo!

credit: Dwell


Modern glass staircase


We hope you have enjoyed the above, there are many more staircases we would like to add in the near future so subscribe to our blog and get your glass stair inspiration here!

Team Bespoke!