shower screen in attick

Bespoke shower for an Attic Conversion

With homeowners adding value to their homes, its usually a case of adding rooms either by a basement conversion or an attic conversion.  This is great way of extending the home.

At bespoke we have found that there is a slight problem with the attic conversion especially when it comes to adding a shower or wet room and that being what space is left for this purpose.

Attics usually have a pitched roofs incorporated within and can cause an issue when looking to add the aforementioned shower or wetroom due to the angle or slope of the ceiling.

We at bespoke have helped out a few hundred clients with this issue and have come up with some of the best wetrooms or shower rooms either enclosed fully or partially.

Its a little more tricky than the standard shower as there has to be a cutout or similar to the glass.

Our easy to follow template you can print out and fill in the gaps can help us achieve an accurate measurement of the space that you require glass for your attic shower project.

template guide for shower glass for attic


From this template we can provide you with a working set of drawings with door gaps and all the required fittings, mounts and seals to allow for a fully functional shower screen.

For other information of Shower glass for attics and lofts 

Some key things to allow when measuring:

  • Allow time to measure
  • Measure each point twice ( or get a friend to check after)
  • Measure accurately
  • measure the aperature only when fully finished ( tiled or otherwise)

When the glass/ products are delivered and installed we assure you they all look great.

a large wet room area in an attic with pitched roof

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